Design Chery



Every car born in Chery is created by the existing design team of Chery.

Chery Design covers four sections, Proportion, Branding, Design Language and Quality, each ingeniously infused with Chinese elements.

Rather than as a point or a link, to Chery, design introduces profound understanding of Chery about demand of the consumers, cultural background and market trend as well as a system and process completely created by international standards.



Chery Design merges Golden Proportion with the car proportion.

The integrated design conception is derived from the vigorous and graceful of galloping horses.

The lines are dynamic and streamlined; the car body looks ready to run.



Every well-known brand is born with unique soul.

In Chery, an auto brand from China, the brand DNA derived from Chinese elements has become the design conception core of Chery, running throughout its design.

As not only the design language of Chery family, Chery Design is dedicated to creating "spirit"-based shape rather than shape-based shape.

Through Chery Design, Chery will introduce unique soul to every car model.

The two concept cars, Concept α and Concept β, have introduced many Chinese elements and thoroughly showed the inherent beauty of Chery Design through dynamics of curves, lines and water.

Design language


Chery closely connects the peace and tolerance of water in the Nature to the “character as good as water” as advocated by the traditional Chinese culture.

The inherent water flow quite obviously features itself by washing from A-pillar of Concept α to the edge of hood and finally converging at the line of front grille.

Meanwhile, the side curves of Concept α adopt advanced design of simple, flowing, exquisite, wavy and other effects for hard waist line and soft beauty.


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