20 February 2018

Chery's Road Safety Campaign welcomed by Iranians

At the Tehran Auto Show 100s of children lined up with excitement to participate in the Chery's Road Safety Campaign, an initiative targeted at teaching the children of Iran how to be more aware and cautious of the roads, covering everything to wearing seatbelts, and crossing the roads, to taking care of the environment.  The campaign has many activities lined up for the next year of which this is instantly a well-respected first; children compete to colour an educational drawing during the 4 days of the show.

Edward Singleton, Branding Manager of Chery, was emphasizing the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility during at the Tehran Auto Show, saying "it is fundamental that automotive companies in Iran take responsibility for the community and environment we work and live in, and road safety for children is our No.1 priority."

The next stage for the Road Safety campaign continues later this month where Chery will start providing Road Safety Manuals for children and Training Guides for teachers distributed to schools nationwide, as well as through their 135 dealership network.  Chery's Road Safety Campaign is a great step forward for corporate social
responsibility within the Iran Automotive sector, and an example other car companies in Iran will hopefully follow. 


chery child safety campaign



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